We are a UK based smoke shop selling a range of products ideal for your chosen herbs. We also like to reward our customers with FREE cannabis seeds with every order you place with us.

cannabis_aztechlifeHaving been interested in  cannabis  for over 20 years It made sense to start a business that reflected this passion. Through this hobby I’ve researched the history, culture and also medical properties as well as the growing requirements of different strains and varieties . This knowledge really gained it’s value when I decided to start using cannabis daily as a medicine instead of pharmaceutical alternatives which have more negative side effects than cannabis which is 100 % natural. I was also able to completely give up alcohol and tobacco too and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

We fully support the legalisation of cannabis globally, both for medical and for recreational use.  We believe cannabis use should be a personal choice for adults in today’s modern society. Additionally through our website blogs and Aztechlife Smoke Shop’s social media we provide a source of cannabis related knowledge. We hope that we can help shift the negative and stereotypical stigma that surrounds this humble plant.  We also aim to help play a part in the cannabis revolution we see eventually heading to the UK.

Harnessing  this knowledge and with  help from  growers, smokers and seed banks befriended along my cannabis journey I was able to start  Aztechlife.
We are discreet and 100% legal, all our FREE cannabis seeds come from sound genetics and well known cannabis breeders. It’s completely legal to have cannabis seeds in the UK for preservation, collection or souvenir purposes. However, according to the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, germination is prohibited without permission by the British Secretary of State.